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Just Simply Magical! Welcome

We’ll what a wonderful way to start! We are the team at Magical and we are owners of a lot of other websites upcoming here very soon, and I’ve felt the very strong presence lately to get this website up and in gear, as I have met many new people in our lives whom could benefit from it. We aspire to share what we know, have and feel is necessary in the realm of all spirituality and want to make this a place for other practioners to serve also. That is the main goal here, service. Some have been made aware of the call, some have not, and some are middle of the road or leaning one way or another. We, Kyle and I (Shanni), know we are in the main general area of where we need to be in life, so we are in the ladder of it. At least we know and have more than enough to have a service site of this sort and utilize what we have know and use. You would be surprised at how much you really have in your own little fingers, in your own hands, even if it seems very little, if that very little is of the right thing 💃

So what next? Well, site setup and viewing, participation. Fact checking, reading, people searching for knowledge and tools. Provide. I provide based on what I am led to and feel called to as I feel to. I felt a few days ago also that soul oracle readings would be necessary, individual seekers. I would always recommend to call on your own intuitive soul guidance first because intuition is idly, yet ironically very spot on, but know we’re here always to assist when you call us to. Counsels have been here for quite a while for many reasons, intervention, guidance, processes, services, plans, Intel.

More info on what’s to come will be available here soon, as it comes in and as time allows. This isn’t even the beginning of an introduction to it all, just what I could do now in this moment. I’ll be doing soul oracle readings with 4 decks and an exercise activity. Working with me and/or Kyle is more than we can say at this point. Come to the site and see what else is necessary. Sign up for the site, complete your profile as we set it up, and participate. Work books are going to be an integral part of the process. Anyhow, wrapping up this post for now. Sign up for the site and post, and keep up with the blog. Thank you and God bless you.

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