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A little spark of sunshine, Today’s Pull from the Mudra Deck

Manipura mudra

Starting readings and pulls, my first gut instinct was to pull from my Mudra Deck for guidance. On your own, you can research the different decks I share from to learn more about them and in time I will provide info on the decks I have and do private scales and measurements. In the interest of time now, let’s cut right to the chase. My personal word pick for the day is relevance and it falls so much into what is going on with alliances and planetary activities.

Your flu symptoms are suchs, the gomboo is going around like a raging fire right now and not in alignment. Geez it’s winter time right now, and fire is most prevalent around the warmer season and months, but no wonder I pulled the Manipura card (3rd chakra, Solar Plexus) and there’s the dry heaves prevalent. No wonder our systems are out of whack and we just can’t seem to “just get over it”. Drawing confusion to many who are more unaware of what’s really happening so it’s often needlessly questioned. But if it happens in so many documented cases and accounts, it can’t be wrong, right? The numbers game. 3 to me. 2 has been a troublesome number for me for quite a while but my counsels say, that is short lived, as in, it’s on the cresp and waiting for further action to brak through. Fact finding of is so critical and the more that is learned even piece by piece, take what you have and the powers that be will work with you. Always consult with the daily horoscopes on this site also, they even surprise me!?

Anyhow, fire in your hands, it’s there. Here is the post, since mudras are part of yoga and hermatix. Learn to do mudras is almost like learning sign language, it’s body language, communicative arts between your mind, spirituality and body. The most interesting things is the element of fire, and I’m a Sagittarius born on the Cusp of Sag and Capricorn, so I’ve been told, I’m all fire baby! So this was interesting for me to pull this card for today. Divine guidance, and relevance, very. What this means is keep your senses open and the answers are all around you, almost like you’re in a bubble and getting put into position, your ears are even burning because the convos you overhear accidentally that you didn’t even mean to hear are mirroring your current events, like so, and how and can even mimick your own events that have already passed for you, so much your like “wow, how’d you know?” Truths, that’s it. This in particular based on what I’m experiencing in our own current reality, high sensitivity that you just can’t seem to grasp, yet you are, and you know you’re in some sort of alignment because what you’re seeing corresponds and concurs elsewhere, and confirmations. Wow, those are ever prevalent!!

Also, based on the winter season now, is that it’s uprising and upcoming as the color is yellow, the color of the sun and we are at the tailend of winter, the sunshine is trying so hard to peek through symbolizing breakthroughs from clouds and darkness of wintergreen and blue dark muddy months to a more upper extremities sanctual body of emotions, great times are coming soon as we move into the brighter days, and we are literally in the city of gems for us in the shape of the tri angle, the 3 points, or the “try angles”. It’s taken us so long to get where we are but we’re where we are at now with good reason, seeing the true reasons why and how it got to be this way. We know that gateways are hard to decipher also👍 when they’re open and when to pass through. If you are aware of them but not ready to pass, you wonder if it’s right. If you are properly aligned and ready, you naturally yet unconsciously pass through them and you need to. Yes, so scary for many. Gateways are doorways to Change and that is scary for some, fearful of the future, fear of the unknown, but when you get past it, you understand more. We speak now of this so much, not to scare, but to reassure you because the more we empower you with, including knowledge of, is the more you are prepared to seamlessly transition with, least painfully. So, openings in timelines. What else can I do or say? Get out a notebook and writing utensil and pound it out through words, You’re uncovering it here. Sometimes my notes are immediate and some of my current thoughts are from approximately 20 years ago. Don’t discount your past just because it was painful or you were a different person back then because it happened back then, not now, for a reason, but it’s relevant to now. Reiki teaching and healing shows us this, all in one, or all or nothing. Your understanding of all this comes in the form of the Manipura mudra. Know that you can meditate anywhere, anytime, that’s the beauty of it, sitting up wide awake in a room full of people, you can have a full conversation with a complete stranger and be in full meditative mode and it’s still just as effective as if you were in a full quiet alone session of it. That is the beauty of it. I will leave you with this for now. Namaste peace be with you

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