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Introspection Look Inside Your Can’ts and Won’t s to Find Your Doing Because You Did

“The only reason you have not already received what you desire is because you are holding yourself in a vibrational pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire”

This particular one comes up often for me, it’s very problematic, and the message relates specifically to the sleepers and matrix doomers who need to work more in themselves on being part of the solution than continuing to be the problem. It’s a problem at large that is specifically now pushing it’s way towards being addressed very boldly.

You get stuck in the humdrum of the daily grind, convince yourself as society and social economic patterns have, that it’s “the only way” and it’s not, so is the saying goes “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”. And furthermore you project this flawed philosophy onto others as the only way, and that is wrong too. I’m calling it here, it’s been what has been the problem for so many for so long, the thinking that there is no other way, when “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”. This thinking is holding so many back and reading havoc on those who are more attuned to the real deal. What you have to do vs what you want to do and because you’ve forced this onto so many for so long, it’s causing rifts where there never should have been.

Yes, very boldly put. Not living up to potential masterminds creativity, the innovators, the game changers. This has been a bold message for so long that it’s time to live up to your real heart and soul reality and be who you really came to be. Even I didn’t see this one coming. The try angles that I spoke of in yesterday’s pull, new approaches. I’ve been seeking these answers so long but I didn’t even ask the right questions. We seek the magical moment of evolution in our own individual realities, the moment it all changes, the “fate snap” as I call it, the moment you feel something broke loose and broke through and now something can proceed that changes the entire result of a situation in a moment’s notice and the immediate urge to do something to change or proceed or take action, and what can you do? Sometimes these aren’t pleasant words to hear but it is what it is.

“We call this discipline the Art of Allowing”. It is the art of Allowing the well being that makes up every particle of that from which you are and that from which you come from – to continue to flow through you as you continue to be.”

And I sensed the context of this in this, so I drew it, a 2nd card for today’s spread, continuing on from yesterday’s draw. Pulling together 2 forms that come together as one, much like the twin flame dynamic, yet not necessarily pertinent alone solely to the twin flame dynamic, yet co associated. I would interpret all this together (as interpreting is really all it is) as, breathing the life form of acceptance into something we have been goal digging towards for a long time, that we may not know the initial outcome right away, that it will go through it’s process again, and as we saw it as a straight beeline before that we thought we knew the answer to, new information from other angles which have been on the path for quite a while also, the same path, will present the key that’s been missing in the locked Gates of yesterday. It just has to match up and align all at once. Following up with yesterday’s pull, this is what I present for today. We are in the sanctual white room of the next, the moment when we’re saying, wow, we finally got to this point and this is what it looks like. You ready? Today stops being the day you “just can’t” anymore and is the day you do because you already did. Bye bye and God speed you

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