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Sweet doesn’t even begin to describe….

Ouuuuccchhh! Speaking from the heart, socks you right in the gut, more guided words, blessed are we. My cards call it…. There needs to be a great space for initiating sessions with seekers that can be actively set and create an inventory of record in my life. These are your true words channeled through me, me as your channeled, a magical facet, a megacomplex, a multiplex of a kind. I was guided to do a new Keen listing today which will be approved soon, upon this new finding, one that creates an itemized inventory of passage, circled, outlined, pointed out. Career advise. Talking to a banker at our bank yesterday to discuss our options, he mentions individual sole proprietorship for future refernce, which I’ve been and now we are driving to incorporate. All we have is the truth which will set us free, even as ridiculous as it sounds now. Looks bad from the outsider perspective. This is your guild for today or by the time you read this. Everything the divine mirror, messages, channeling, nope, return to sender. That’s the best insightful way I have ever known to thwart harmful energies that are trying to make permanent trails and places in our lives, where does it leave us, that is the question. I’m tired, yesterday was a rough day that was he’ll on my feet. What does today bring or have for us?

Many different books on violet wall. Flowers pink hyacinth. Cozy home concept.

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